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 Learn how to enter into a NEW SEASON in each area of your life

Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 5 pm EST we will be having an amazing experience as we celebrate together the launch of my new book "A New Season".

In the middle of the adverse times we are facing now, the Lord is doing new things for His children and He has prepared a new season for us. The book will guide you step by step how to enter this new season regardless of your current situation.

During the book launch event, we have inspirational and motivational guest speakers that will share a powerful word for a time like this. During this event, you will be equipped and motivated to enter the new season in each area of your life.

For every person that invites and registers 5 or more guests to this event will receive a FREE digital copy of the book and a coaching video series that further supports you in the process.

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